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godaddy ssl coupon june 2016

The overall ranking of your webpage is directly linked towards the quality of it’s security, while increasing the level of encryption with one of the most used cerftificate by Amazon and such grandeur, such as: the most used SSL (secure-socket-layer) certificate.

whats ssl

The SSL certificates are costly with payment ranges monthly or yearly depending on your choice, but our promo codes will help you save up to 25% off at minimum, and also  a tutorial comes on the godaddy ssl  installation (see the help center below). These codes are authentic and constantly approved for safety and are proven valid every week for best perfomance.

Note for webmasters:

The promo codes of the 25% discount are available only on the standard godaddy ssl , meaning they operate uniquely for one website and not for diverse as the “Wildcard SSL Certificates” or the Multiple-Domain UCC (Unified Communications Certificate).

The UCC works for 5 domains, and the Wildcard goes for unlimited sub-domains. For these we present a 33% off discount (in the top), available for all new products and for both Certificates.

Proven (SEO) Google Ranking increase by godaddy ssl :

Google approved in the famous Google search algorithm, the inclusion of godaddy ssl  as a ranking signal due to it’s trusted performance. However, the influence of the SSL in the webpage ranking is small in the present but is expected to boost in the near future.

An extract from

“For now it’s only a very lightweight signal — affecting fewer than 1% of global queries, and carrying less weight than other signals such as high-quality content — while we give webmasters time to switch to HTTPS. But over time, we may decide to strengthen it, because we’d like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.

Fortunately our coupons are available as a smart way to economize and upgrade your security in matters of encryption and SEO ranking, knowing though that Google is pushing the value of godaddy ssl  further over time. Our offers as seen above will help you save from 25-30% of the normal price. The website security center is included for guides to increase your web page safety.

Where can I insert my godaddy ssl coupon :

The coupon codes insertion is accessible in the bottom of the page, you should be able to find “Have a promo?” in the left. Once clicked a little box will appear with fields allowing you to enter the promo code, paste it in and go for the “Apply” button.

if your code is valid, a green message will approve your coupon qualification for the lowest price. You’ll see the total sum of your order in the shopping cart with the total discount you’ve earned.

An SSL Certificate?

The abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer, it is an original developpement of Netscape simply for the encryption/decryption between a user and his server, allowing to neutralize or minimize external security threats by annonymus users who can jam or steal the connection; therefore protecting your valuable information such as account passwords and your E-Commerce transactions. Note that Paypal transactions are redirected to Paypal’s own SSL protection in their website.

The Certificate is spotted in the adress bar as “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP”, be sure to check out your favourite webpages and see whom is secure and whom are not.

Many webmasters consider the SSL Certificate as your website’s passport, whereby are:

The website owner’s name.

Certificate’s serial number used for identification.

The Certificate’s expiration date.

The Certificate’s public key used to encrypt information.

The Certificate’s private key used to decrypt information (usually coming from a web server).

I’m I in need of an godaddy ssl ?

The rule is; any website that stores private information must opt for a security protection. It is a way to ensure both users of your website and Google that your website is playing it safe, especially while obtaining the “HTTPS” that signals to your browsers the secure state of your web space.

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SSL Certificates FAQ:

godaddy ssl  importance:

Another agent intervening between the server and the user is the browser, the browser verifies that your website is genuine, and not an anonymous server that can pose a security breach to access a user’s privacy. Firefox had threatened to remove SSL Certificates reliability, but it is an exceptional case, Google maintained using the SSL “HTTPS” title as a factor of a website’s reliability, for when your website is valid with your own information (website passport), the encryption is henceforth produced for your security.

The special thing about SSL Certificates of GoDaddy is its wide reliability on all widely used browsers.

Do I still need the Certificate if my website is not involved on online payments?

It depends on your website’s activity, not necessarily online payments but any sensitive information that is stored and emitted for your users. Otherwise, if your website is not involved on user privacy requirements as blogs and reviews, an SSL Certificate may not be necessary.

Wildcard SSL Certificate?

In the case of having sub-domains, a wildcard godaddy ssl  comes in handy. For example: “” is protected while: ”” is a subdomain and a wildcard SSL Certificate is required.

Domain Control Validation?

The process of validation during an SSL Certificate purchase needs to verify your authentic ownership of the domain name, to finally accord your SSL Certificate for the real owner of the website. It is done through an e-mail with an authorization code.

Different encryption algorithms?

Two security algorithms are available at the present; the SHA-1 algorithm and the SHA-2 encryption. The first “SHA-1” is believed to be insecure and fragile, but be advised to choose the SHA-2 for better performance during your purchase.

What about SSL Certificates for Exchange Servers?

A “UCC” Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) or the multiple domains SSL Certificate that is required for Exchange servers. Multi-domain SSL Certificates are certificates that secure multiple domains and multiple hostnames within a domain.

In the case where you have 10 sites with differing domains or host names, but in one ip address and you want them to have SSL Certificate protection, then a multi domain UCC SSL Certificate is made for you.


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