Namecheap coupon october 2015

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What does NameCheap coupon offers?

Namecheap coupon a variety of products including: Domain Names, Web Hosting, WhoisGuard and SSL Certificates.

If we take the example of the domain name DNS manager, the interface is very simple in comparison with the other web providers. We should also note that NameCheap Coupon gives you totally free Email while other providers require a payment for such a service — these two little examples show NameCheap’s supportive behavior. You may say that these are the ethics of marketing and buisness – to reduce fees and facilitate easily accessible services – NameCheap proved in more than an opportunity its compassionate goals that exceed the sole goal of lucrative profit, and that ultimate goal is to preserve freedom in the internet with a hostile attitude towards the S.O.P.A (Stop Online Piracy Act) project that had a great opposition from NameCheap and kept defending principles of freedom above all.


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Namecheap coupon october 2015

Many reviewers frankly gave the advantage to NameCheap’s prices when it comes for long term services – they say that the pricing is cheaper than other competitive I-CANN accredited registrars – if one is setting up a web project that exceeds one year. Let’s remember that GoDaddy’s unmatchable discounts are available exclusively for the first year. So it – GoDaddy – is the best option for people whom are willing to make a one year plan without worrying if they may drop the project afterwards, but prices after that year will escalate much & much higher to the point that you’ll run low on finances – happened to many webmasters! Opportunely, Namecheap renewal coupon more of a frank pricing: there are few discounts as compared to GoDaddy’s coupons, and the price remains relatively the same over years not as cheap as in the first year of GoDaddy but cheaper in rhe overall when your project aims the long term – more than a year good – choice eh?

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What about the support center?

NameCheap coupon offers the Knowledgebase: it has video tutorials to familiarize you with the basics. You also get API docs for assistance and forums where most of the difficult questions are posted and announcements to keep you on touch with the latest improvements! In comparison with GoDaddy, NameCheap has very limited support when it comes to phone conversations, but Namecheap coupon a much more helpful “Instant Chat” in terms of comfort and efficiency as a guide on any time – that proves how NameCheap puts the stress on efficiency and clients’ care.

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